How can I recover permanently deleted files from pen drive?

Q – Yesterday, I thought to move all the data of my Kingston pen drive to my computer system. But when I attach the pen drive to my PC. By mistake, Shift + delete option is pressed and I was shocked as all the data was permanently deleted from that and it was just blank. I have never thought I would lose my important documents in this way. I am very upset about this. Is there anyone who can make me happy by providing me the solution to recover the erased data?


I read your issue and find CMD helpful for you that will recover your permanently deleted data from pen drive. Try this method. It will hopefully work for you.

Camila Evan

Hi, I was also looking for the solution of the same problem. When I use CMD method, it doesn’t work for me as I am unable to understand this. Kindly provide any other tool if available.

Sophie Harper

If the manual method does not fulfill your needs. You may go for a third-party tool that will swiftly recover your permanently deleted files from your pen drive. You will be able to handle the application swiftly. With this application, you can recover any type of deleted data of yours.

Kevin Levi

One other application is EaseUS data recovery software that will allow you to recover permanently deleted files from your pen drive and makes the recovery faster and easier. If any of the above mentioned solutions will not work for you. This application will surely help you and you will be able to recover your data from USB flash drive. A free version is also available for all the users.


I have read about the above mentioned third-party tool. I have some query. I was using Sandisk pen drive and I stored my 80 GB files in it. Due to my own mistakes, the whole data is deleted from the pen drive. Can I recover my 80 GB data using this tool?

Eva Tristan

Yes, EaseUS data recovery software will work for the recovery of any size file without any issues. If you have any doubts in your mind, you can go through the free version of the tool that will provide you the entire recovery scenario.

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