Free MBOX Viewer

[notification type="message" animate="none" delay="0"]Support reading MBOX data files created with Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, Netscape, Entourage, PocoMail, Google Takeout, Horde and many others. Get a complete view of emails and attachments of MBOX file with free MBOX Viewer in absence of the MBOX supported email clients. [/notification]

Quality characteristics

  • Helpful to read MBOX file with attachments without any extra tool
  • Read selected MBOX files of your choice
  • Wide compatibility on all Windows operating systems
  • Get complete preview of MBOX database without any harm
  • Complete scanning of MBOX files for faster reading
  • Read multiple MBOX files at a single time
[font_full1 title="Detailed features of MBOX Freeware" icon="adjust" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]The application is self-reliant which means users don’t need to install any extra application to view MBOX files. The application is enough for this task and users can completely view all emails and attachments of MBOX file. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Sound working on all Windows OS" icon="adjust" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]MBOX Opener Tool is comfortable to download on all versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported by the application. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="User-friendly application" icon="adjust" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]Free MBOX Viewer utility is so simple to understand and operate even by non-technical users. It is designed in such a way with a simplified interface so that users can simply install and operate the application without any trouble. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="View targeted MBOX files " icon="adjust" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]The freeware will help users to choose MBOX files of their requirements. Plus, there is no limitation on the number of MBOX files for reading with MBOX Reader application. The users can filter MBOX files to view with this application. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Permit all size MBOX files" icon="adjust" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]There are no file size restrictions which means the user can view any big size MBOX file using this application. However, the files should be healthy. Corrupted and damaged MBOX files are not supported by the software. [/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Retain Folder Hierarchy" icon="adjust" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]With Freeware MBOX Tool, users can view MBOX files in the same manner in which they were saved or send by the clients. The tool does not harm any file and does not disturb the folder sequences. Users can trust this application. [/font_full1]
[notification type="normal" animate="none" delay="0"]MBOX is a file of collective emails. It includes email headers (to, cc, bcc, sent, from etc.), message body and attachments. MBOX file is well-supported by various Windows and Mac based email applications like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, Spicebird etc. [/notification]
[notification type="question" animate="none" delay="0"]I have saved a backup of Gmail files in MBOX format. I don’t have any application installed on my system to read these files. I searched many tools but my need is fulfilled by your tool which is very simple to use and provide quick viewing of files. [/notification]
[notification type="question" animate="none" delay="0"]MBOX Freeware is an amazing and easy to understand tool. I have MBOX Opener software and I am using it since last 1 year and very happy with its functioning. I would like to recommend this utility to needful users. [/notification]