How to remove password from Lotus Notes NSF file?

Q – I am a Lotus Notes user. My mailbox is protected with a password but the issue is now I forgot the password. I have my important emails in it whom I want to access but unable to do it. Kindly provide me the solution to unlock my Lotus Notes database.


I read your query and want to tell you that to know the password of your Lotus Notes database, it is important to know the location of the file.

Here is the path: C:\Programs Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data


Here I am providing a solution that you can use to remove password from Lotus Notes. This method is applicable only if the Domino server is installed on your system.

  • Open Domino Server and switch the user from Administrator to the local server.
  • Choose a database from the list and click on Properties
  • Go to Encryption settings
  • Select Do not encrypt locally and click Ok
  • Set the default location and click on OK button

Hi, I don’t have a Domino server. So, how can I unlock my Lotus Notes database? Please provide the solution.


If there is no Domino Server, follow the steps to unlock Lotus Notes database –

  • Copy the database of Lotus Notes to Notes/Data directory
  • Open the file
  • Provide the login credentials
  • Click on Properties and select Do not locally encrypt and then click on OK button
  • Now Open Command Prompt and run the compact disk locally in Lotus Notes

I am not able to get the solution with the above method. Can you suggest me any other solution?


You can unlock NSF file if the password is applied with the help of ACL. To do this, follow the steps –

  • Replace the file with the of NSF file.
  • Now open Lotus Notes and open the NSF file to remove the password.
  • Click on View > Advanced Menu.
  • Now, select the file you want to access by clicking on File > Application >New Copy.
  • Save the NSF file in the new location with other name and uncheck the Access Control List.
  • Click on OK button. A new NSF file is created which you can open without any password.

If you are finding a smooth, quick and effective solution, you can move towards third-party solutions.


I tried to find out the third-party tools but unable to find. Can you suggest me a reliable third-party tool?


Find a smooth tool named NSF Security Remover to remove the password from Lotus Notes NSF file. The tool swiftly works and removes the password from NSF file in a very less time period.

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