Hotmail account temporarily suspended

Q – I was using Hotmail for a long time. Yesterday, when I tried to log in to my Hotmail account. I receive the following error – ‘Your account has been temporarily suspended’ Please suggest me the solution to fix this error and to access my important emails.


Hotmail is an application provided by Microsoft. Microsoft suspends the account temporarily if it founds any suspicious and unusual activities. This can be fixed by verifying the account.

You can simply unlock your temporarily blocked Hotmail account using a code. For this, follow the steps –

  • Log in to your suspended Microsoft account
  • Enter the phone number to receive the security code
  • Enter the security code and change the password to complete the unlocking process

I tried the above discussed solution but didn’t get the security code on my number. What should I do now? Please suggest the solution.

If you didn’t receive the security code at the phone number you entered, try again or try a different number. Hopefully, this will work for you.

If you are unable to unlock your account using a security code. You can go for the alternate solution. Find the steps for this method –

  • Remove IMAP and POP settings
  • Close all Gmail instances in your devices and browsers
  • Revoke access to third-party software
  • Remove all the browser extensions
  • Clear cache of your browser and log in again

You can access your locked Hotmail account by just signing in using different Microsoft server. I hope this will work for you to unlock your account as cookies and cache data undergoes deletion when you enter the incorrect password and results in locking your account. Using a different server doesn’t recognize the cookies. New servers are fresh thus you can view and access your account.

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