Resolve Lotus Notes error: “database has not opened yet”

Q – I am using Lotus Notes from two years. Yesterday, I got an error “database has not opened yet”. I have no idea about this error. Can anyone help me to come out of the error? Please share your suggestions here.


Hi, I read your query and want to tell you the reason behind it. This error occurs when Lotus Script code detects an invalid database object handle and tries to work with that.

There are three reasons behind this error –

  • If the server or file path is incorrect
  • If the current machine fails to establish a connection with the target server
  • If the user doesn’t have access to open the target database

You can visit the useful link. I hope this will help you to resolve the issue with you. Here is the useful link -

If the migration error arises due to a connection failure, you can trace the path of a server to solve the issue of the database. Follow the given steps for this –

  • Start Lotus Notes application
  • Go to File > Preferences
  • Select Notes Port
  • Select Trace option
  • Type the desired server name in the destination path > Click Trace tab
  • In Trace window, a user can view all details of client and server connection

If you have an issue related to Lotus Script, you have to find Notes Database handle of NotesDatabase Object. Now Run Lotus Script debugger or put some debugging output statements to check the exact value of the string.

Here is the alternate solution, you can try. You need to check the security settings of Domino Server and settings of User Agent. For this, open the current location and check the Mail tab. If the Mail file location is said to be local then change it to “on server” and test it again. Also, check for “Send Outgoing mail”

I changed the settings as you said and I have successfully come out of the problem. I can access my Lotus Notes database now. Thank you for the help.

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