Lost my saved emails in Thunderbird

Q – I have saved all my important emails in Thunderbird. Now I am unable to find these missing files. Can anyone suggest me any method to view the saved emails in Thunderbird?


There is no need to worry about the lost emails in Thunderbird. You can simply access these files unless they are corrupted.


There could be several reasons behind email disappeared problem. It is possible that conversation view hides the messages. Therefore, to confirm, go to view > messages and view > threads and make sure that both are set to all. After that, go to view > folders and change it to all.


Make sure that the anti-virus program should be turned off. Sometimes the anti-virus creates an issue in viewing the emails correctly.


I have tried all the above-suggested methods but unable to find the solution to the issue. Can you please suggest any other effective solution?


You can go for MBOX Viewer third-party tool that helps you to simply retrieve all files in Thunderbird. The application is fast and secure to retrieve the emails with a simplified procedure.

Drew Ronald

If you are unable to retrieve these files. It means there is corruption in MBOX file. You need to repair the file.


Can you please suggest the ways to recover the corrupted MBOX file?


You can try manual as well as third-party MBOX to PST Converter tool that will help you to repair the MBOX file. It is an easy to use tool that requires zero technical knowledge.

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