How to Recover MS Access Database Password?

Q- I have stored all my data in MS Access. I prefer to use MS Access so I have saved all my data from last 2-3 years to this application with a strong password. From last few months, due to some issues, I was unable to access my database. Now the situation comes that the password has been skipped from my mind. I am unable to open my file. Can anyone suggest me the solution of this problem so that I can unlock the data and access it. It contains my valuable information that I need to access now.

Chek Ahmad

The first step you should do is try to remember your password. Maybe you will be able to remember it because generally, we set a password that contains our own details like pet name, favorite movies, birth dates etc. Check all the things maybe you have written it somewhere. This is called the guessing method. It will work most of the times.
Patrick Contreras

I fully understood your problem. It is really a hurting situation when you have lost your password and are unable to access your database. As per my working experience, I would like to suggest you a brilliant free application that will definitely work for you – Access PassView. The application will help you to recover the password in a few seconds.
Michael Gorman

Use Access Password Recovery Tool. It will help you to recover the password. If you are still unable to open your file, there are chances that your Access database got corrupt. If it occurs, know what are the reasons behind it and how to repair the corrupt database.

  • Virus or malware injection
  • Interruptions to access database file
  • Improper exit of application
Simon Cockerell

You can use Built-In Compact and Repair utility to repair the corruption issues. Below are the steps –

  • Go to File > Options
  • In the Access options, select your current database
  • Under Application Options, select the Compact on close option
  • Click OK
  • Close and reopen the database

Hopefully, you are able to resolve the issue of a corrupt file.

Reuben Drebenstedt

You can go for MS Access Password Recovery Program. I am providing you the steps involved in this application –

  • Download and install Access Password Recovery Program
  • Run Access Password Recovery that will ask you to Browse for MS Access database file
  • Click on Open button
  • Hit Start Recovery button
  • Within a few minutes, the program shows you the password of your MS Access Database, you will be able to open your MS Access Database immediately.
Dale Lee

Before moving to the password recovery, it is necessary to know how MS Access store its password. MS Access save its password in various patterns.

  • Jet 3 – Here, you will get the password saved in the header of MDB file and remains as a
  • Jet 4 – The password is encrypted with basic XOR pattern
  • Jet 3 & 4 – The password is further encrypted with an XOR pattern affecting MDB file
  • ACCBD files – Neither the password is encrypted as plain text in the header file. A new # value is allocated to authenticate the user’s password validation.
Kyle Stevens

In case of ACCBD files pattern, it is somehow difficult to crack the password. But the Access Database Repair and Recovery Tool will surely help you to retrieve the lost password of your locked files.

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