How to recover corrupted PDF file?

Q – I have saved all my data into PDF file format. Once I tried to open the file, they denied to open with an error message “The file is damaged and could not be repaired.” Is there any solution available to recover the corrupted PDF file?


I am suggesting you a solution here and I hope this will help you to fix the issue. You can disable enhanced security mode from the PDF document. To do this, follow the steps –

  • Open Adobe Reader
  • Go to Edit > Preferences
  • Uncheck ‘Enabled enhanced security mode’ option to make sure the Protected View is off
  • Click ok and launch the program again

This might be helpful for you to resolve the issue.


Hi, Thank you for the reply. I have tried the above solution but failed to solve the issue with this method. Still, I am unable to access my PDF files. Is there any other method available to solve this problem?

Aldo Flynn

Sorry to say but I don’t know any other solution. One of my friends is also searching for the solution with the same issue. Can you please tell the reasons behind this corruption issue?

Jamal kay

You can check here for the reasons of corruption. There could be several reasons behind it –

  • Corruption occurs during sharing or transferring
  • Corruption occurs by using Incompatible program
  • Virus infections may lead to PDF corruption
  • A hard disk failure may cause corruption to PDF file
Rodney Jamie

Can anyone suggest me an effective way to make my PDF file accessible? I am looking for a quick and easy solution.

Gannon Cory

You can try an automated PDF Recovery Tool that would be very easy to handle for all the users. A new user can operate the application without any trouble. Moreover, accurate and reliable recovery of PDF file data is done by the utility.

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