How to increase Outlook performance?

Q – I am using Outlook 2010 for a long time. Now I am feeling that Outlook starts working slowly. I want my Outlook back working with its normal speed. Can anyone tell me how can I resolve the issue and increase my Outlook performance?


Hi, this is a very common issue which users generally face due to the huge number of emails in PST mailbox. For this, you can delete unnecessary emails from your inbox and other folders. This will somehow able to reduce the load of Outlook and to help Outlook to increase its speed.


I tried the above method but still, my Outlook is working at a slow speed. How can I increase the speed?


There are several other reasons who are also responsible to slow down the Outlook performance and these are –

  • Add-Ins of Outlook
  • Anti-virus software interaction
  • Damaged Outlook messaging profile

You can perform the multiple tasks to increase the performance of MS Outlook –

  • You can disable Add-ins which you are not using
  • Enabled Cached Exchange Mode
  • Disable RSS feeds in Outlook

I would like to refer this link to you where you can get several solutions to increase the performance of your Outlook. Here is the link –


You can try these manual steps to compact your PST file in case, large size file issue is there –

  • Go to Outlook
  • Go to File menu > Account Settings
  • Go to Data file tab
  • Click on Compact Now option

Here is an alternate solution, you can try which is Scanpst.exe. It is an inbuilt solution provided by Microsoft. This tool will help you to smoothen the performance of Outlook. I hope this will work for you.


Thank you for all the suggestions provided by all the users. I tried various solutions from these and now my outlook is working flawlessly without any hanging issue.

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