Cannot open attachments of Outlook 2016

Q – I have got some attachments from my client. When I move these attachments into Outlook. I faced issue in opening them and it showed an error that the attachments can’t be opened. I don’t know the solution of this problem. Can anyone suggest me how can I resolve the issue?


There may be several reasons behind this error –

  • When a user is restricted to access temporary internet files folders maintained on the server.
  • Due to default security protocols, Outlook disallows opening suspicious attachments.
  • This can happen if your PST file is corrupt.

First, you need to know the reasons and then accordingly, find the solution to this problem.


You can try Registry Editor to resolve the error. For this, follow the steps given below –

  • Press Win key + R and type regedit and hit enter
  • Now, locate the registry key
  • Double click OutlookSecureTempFolder
  • In the value data field, type C:\tempoutlook\ and click ok
  • Exit Registry Editor and restart your system
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I would like to refer a useful link to you. You can go through this link. Hopefully, this will help you to resolve your issue.


You can try this alternative solution and follow the given steps to open Outlook attachments –

  • Go to File > Options
  • Trust Center > Trust Center settings
  • Protected View
  • Enable protected view for the attachments
  • Click ok

I am unable to open the attachments. Can you please suggest me any other easy and effective solution?


For a quick and easy solution, you can go for PST Viewer software that enables you to read and open Outlook emails and attachments without any technical expertise. The software allows the users to open and read attachments in a safe manner.

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